Friday, May 6, 2011


Wassup peeps :D

Its been so long since post things. Well I'm kinda busy now 'cause its exam. Well, today I had BM papers. At first I thought paper 1 would be easy while paper 2 is killing me. Then, when I got the paper 1, the first, second page was okay. When I open the third page, my face was like this.
Then, the questions getting tougher and tougher. Then, I felt like

But, thank god I mange to finish all of it. After recess, paper 2 is coming. Then, I was a little bit scared. But when I got the paper, at first I was like this

then, when I read the questions, suddenly I become like this
 The questions were easier than I thought. Phiuhhhh. But I'm scared for the Science papers. That's all for now. Ciaooo guys.